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    Learn completely how to use your paperless system in 10 minutes or less. No special software or hardware required!

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    Find important documents in just seconds, not minutes or hours.

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    Convert a room full of file cabinets or storage boxes to less than 5 inches of space . . . or no space at all if you transfer your files to your hard drive.

  • Familiar ...

    We set up your paperless files according to your current filing system.

  • . . . And of Course, Save Money

    By saving time focusing on other priorities (and not extra time retrieving documents), saving space, working with a familiar & easy-to-use system, you’ll also save money.

Superior Document Solutions LLC Beginnings...

I’d like to pass on to you my story of our experience with becoming a paperless office. ...

My name is Joe Jacob, and I’m an LLC member of Superior Document Solutions LLC. I was also a General Partner of another business, Jacob Tax & Financial Services, which we sold in 2006.

There are actually two stories here: How we started our paperless process, & a tragic experience a few years ago that helped us realize the importance of having a paperless office.

First the tragic story: In July, 1998, our office, along with a number of businesses in downtown Superior, Wisconsin, was destroyed by fire. The entire three-story building was reduced to a blackened, smoky heap, and it was over a month before we were able to dig through the rubble to see if anything could be recovered. We were fortunate – many of our paper documents stored in our file cabinets were recovered, although with fire and water damage. Sure, having backups of computer files is good, but what about all of those paper files that are destroyed? The concern about this matter spread throughout Superior – one attorney from a large law firm nearby was visibly distressed when he realized that if his office suffered the same fate, they could lose irreplaceable paper evidence and other documents.

Now to the second story: Offering these services to you is actually the result of two years of effort. In 2002, I spoke to a roomful of tax professionals about electronic filing at an IRS Tax Forum in St. Louis, Missouri. After the presentation, an audience member told me that every year, a local document imaging company scans her past year’s paper files and converts them for electronic storage. She loved using this service, and stated that she could never spend the time or money necessary to do it herself.

We then began looking at how to become a paperless tax office ourselves. Here’s what we found: Many tax offices and other small businesses certainly recognize the value and benefits of becoming paperless, but simply do not have the time, nor wish to spend the money on equipment, to do this themselves. They’re just too busy to do so. As a result, many offices have incomplete paperless projects, or have abandoned the idea altogether, valuable as it is.

Are we happy with becoming paperless? You bet we are! I use paperless documents every day (often, many times throughout the day), and I still can’t believe how fast and easy it is to access them. Our system is simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, and it works well.


As for the story about our fire in Superior – I’ve never forgotten how awful it felt when our paper documents disappeared in that heap of rubble. Well, guess what? Our paper files are now stored electronically, and are regularly backed up offsite. Now, all of our documents are stored in two locations, which is something that we never could achieve with just paper.

I know, getting rid of paper is difficult – not just the undertaking, but emotionally. We’ve been working with paper all of our lives! However, having all this paper is overwhelming, and it seems like we have to keep more of it than ever before. The first time I began destroying (shredding) our paper documents after they were stored electronically (and safely backed up), it didn’t feel uncomfortable, as I thought it would – it felt great!  Every year, we’ve had to struggle with “where do we put all these new files?” I’ve heard stories of how some offices have file cabinet drawers that are so crammed full, the drawers actually shoot out at you when you attempt to open them. It wasn’t quite that dramatic at our office, but we sure were close!

Electronic documents are easy & fast to access, they’re not lost by laying on someone else’s desk, and as I mentioned before, copies are safely stored elsewhere. Economically, we’ve saved & are saving a tremendous amount of time and money.

I can also understand why many businesses look at such a project as overwhelming. That’s why Superior Document Solutions LLC exists: To make this task as easy & painless as possible for you. You’re busy enough with everything else that you do – and our commitment is full-time to helping you make this happen. Once you “get there,” it’s wonderful. Even though we became serious about becoming paperless years ago, we’ve known about paperless systems far longer, but never pursued it for ourselves. Now, I’ve asked myself repeatedly, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Finally, dare I say it?: I’m using an office system that’s actually fun. I really, really like working with our paperless system. It’s not only beneficial, it’s a joy!

I hope this letter is helpful in giving you one business owner’s perspective on having a paperless office. Sure, I’m affiliated with Superior Documents LLC, but I use this system every day, and I believe it’s essential for any business that works with paper.

Thank you for considering our services.

Joe Jacob