10 Reasons to Have a Paperless Office

There are many, many more benefits to having a paperless office.

  • Easy-to-Use & Easy-to-Understand

    Learn completely how to use your paperless system in 10 minutes or less. No special software or hardware required!

  • Fast . . . Very Fast!

    Find important documents in just seconds, not minutes or hours.

  • Space-Saving ...

    Convert a room full of file cabinets or storage boxes to less than 5 inches of space . . . or no space at all if you transfer your files to your hard drive.

  • Familiar ...

    We set up your paperless files according to your current filing system.

  • . . . And of Course, Save Money

    By saving time focusing on other priorities (and not extra time retrieving documents), saving space, working with a familiar & easy-to-use system, you’ll also save money.

1. Accessing your documents is faster & more efficient . . .

In fact, it’s very fast. You’ll find you can find files in seconds, rather than minutes – or hours, if you’re searching through boxes of archives.

2. You’ll save lots of space.

In general, all of the documents that fit in one four-drawer file cabinet will fit on one CD. The same is true with 8-10 file boxes full of documents. Imagine converting a room full of file cabinets or storage boxes to less than 5 inches of space . . . or to no space at all if you transfer your files to your hard drive. You’ll save money on storage space, too – the cost of storage on CDs & hard drives is usually a lot less than paying for valuable storage space for paper.

3. Setting up your paperless office is flexible to your needs.

This is not an “all-or-nothing” decision by any means. You can decide if you wish to become fully paperless, or have selected files stored electronically. Many offices begin as “partially paperless.”

4. You now have a safe & secure opportunity to store your paper documents offsite.

Once your files are scanned & converted to electronic storage, you can use your backup media, or the CDs that we provide, to store them outside your office – in less than ½ square foot of space. As an example, we use a bank safe deposit box for our storage.

5. You’ll save time & money.

By accessing documents much more quickly & saving space, you’ll also save money . . . as well as time to focus on other priorities.

6. Office work is simpler with electronic storage.

You’ll notice this immediately when we show you an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, familiar system for accessing your documents. No special software or hardware is required to have a user-friendly paperless office.

7. Your documents are in one place –

No more searching or asking colleagues to see who has the “Smith” file!

8. You can transmit documents seamlessly via e-mail or fax.

Share your files within minutes, not days. Save on postage.

9. Share your documents on your network or online, if desired.

You can also copy files to your laptop instantly for quick & easy portability.

10. Nearly any document can be scanned & stored electronically.

Even the most difficult-to-read, carbon-copy receipts & handwritten notes!

Learn More

We’ll discuss further the advantages that are most beneficial to you! Any business that works with paper will benefit from a paperless system!