Quality Control

Your complete confidence in us is essential.

  • We pick up your documents

    Private & Confidential

  • Three Step Scanning System

    Thoroughly scanned & reviewed

  • Follow-up meeting after scanning

    We'll check in to answer questions

  • Optional Document Destruction

    Documents destroyed AFTER approval!

  • Safe & Secure ...

    Quality control is top priority

  • Meets HIPAA requirements

    Meets HIPAA requirements as a Business Associate

Here’s what you can expect from Superior Document Solutions LLC:

When we pick up your documents for processing, you’ll receive an accounting receipt for all boxes or other containers.
Your documents will be handled with full attention to your privacy & confidentiality.
While processing your documents, computer access to your documents is fully protected.

We use a three step system for scanning verification quality control:

  • Document pages are manually reviewed front & back, & are prepared for scanning.

  • Document pages are thoroughly scanned.

  • Scanned images are viewed for quality & readability.

After you receive your electronically converted documents, we’ll follow up with you shortly after delivery to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Of course, you can contact us anytime as well! If you’ve chosen to have your paper documents destroyed, we will not begin until you’re fully satisfied with your electronic documents.

Quality control is a top priority for us.
We understand the need for you to have complete confidence that your documents are handled with utmost care, discretion, privacy, & thoroughness.

HIPAA compliance standards
As a “business associate,” Superior Document Solutions LLC meets HIPAA requirements in each of the following areas:

  • Administrative Safeguards and Security
  • Physical Safeguards and Security
  • Technical Safeguards and Security

Superior Document Solutions LLC will contract with you to protect the confidentiality, integrity, & availability of your documents.