What Our Clients Have to Say

About Superior Document Solutions LLC!


Superior Document Solutions LLC assisted us in setting up an electronic filing system for our accounts payable documents. The scanned files are all on our server and I no longer spend time filing or retrieving documents for other employees.

One member of our staff works from out of state and he needs regular access to our accounts payable files. Now he can access the documents himself as he needs them.

Our electronic filing system works great for us! Happy Customer Stephanie N.

As a pharmacist I have documents I am required to retain. Superior Document Solutions LLC helped me to set up an electronic system, custom to my needs, that allows me to store them in a safe and organized manner.

Michael M.

There are many advantages to having our invoices scanned but the feature I like best is having the ability to look up any previous invoice right at my desk. It saves me time and energy and I don't have to worry about misfiled invoices anymore. The customer service is great! If I have any questions they are right there to help me.

JoLynn H.

Previously we’ve stored our student files on microfilm. Superior Document Solutions LLC assisted us by scanning our CA60s and making them electronic.

The electronic filing system is easy to use. We didn’t have to purchase new software or equipment and we are very pleased with the clarity and accuracy of the scanned documents.

While the documents were being scanned, if we needed a file, Superior Document Solutions LLC retrieved and sent it to us very quickly.

This is working well for us!

Donna W.

How do we like having our A-P paid invoices scanned & made into an electronic filing system? Here are our immediate thoughts!

• We save time filing!

• The electronic is much easier to use than pulling paper.

• We’re able to quickly find what we’re looking for.

• Everything needed is (electronically) stapled behind the check stub.

• It saves our managers time as they can access their own invoices.

• It saves us time. No more pulling paper, unfastening & faxing invoices to others.

The pickup & delivery of documents works very smoothly & fits our schedule. This is working well for us!

Val & Vicky

I have secured the services of Superior Document Solutions LLC to scan my paper documents into an electronic format. Superior Document Solutions LLC handles my confidential documents in a professional manner and I am extremely pleased with the clarity and accuracy with which they perform their work. I recommend using the services of Superior Document Solutions LLC.

Sharon G.

In today’s “Digital Age” you can’t beat this product or service! Superior Document Solutions LLC worked with us to scan & set up an electronic filing system for our student CA-60s and transcripts. They worked within our budget while meeting our needs, and were timely with all deadlines.

Everything was neat & orderly, from the sales process through the product delivery, with a strong attention to detail. Superior Document Solutions LLC puts the customer first!

Mike B.

Superior Document Solutions LLC assisted us by scanning our prior year, paper board documents & making the text searchable. This is a wonderful tool when I need to search for something specific from many years ago. It has literally saved me hours of time.

Penny M.

. . . We were . . able to search our [Zoning] meeting minutes for a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request yesterday. The document archival you did for us was much more cost efficient than I previously thought and will save us a tremendous amount of time and effort in meeting these FOIA requests. Please feel free to use my comments and have anyone that is thinking of working with you give me a call for a reference. Thanks again.

Kirk L.

Our office building burned and all documents were fire and water damaged. We provide home health services and are required to retain patient documents. Superior Document Solutions LLC assisted us to meet those requirements.

Our insurance paid for Superior Document Solutions LLC’s services to dry and scan our damaged documents. They designed a custom electronic filing system based on our paper filing system, so it was immediately familiar. Without purchasing any computer equipment or software, we are able to access our scanned documents easily, with just a few clicks of the mouse!

No more dirty documents deteriorating in a storage facility. Scanning our documents assisted us in recovering from our fire!

Nan C.

We have worked with Superior Document Solutions LLC to scan and store documents electronically. Their professionalism in handling important, confidential documents is exemplary. I have great confidence in their accuracy and attention to detail. They provide excellent documentation for loading the documents to our server and for verifying the number of files that should be there. They have experience to share to assist with the organization of the documents into electronic media....

Jeanne S.

....Through Superior Document Solutions LLC we were able to convert personnel files.....School Board minutes and documents to CD. These files have been loaded onto our network server and are backed up nightly . . . I commend Superior Document Solutions LLC on their professionalism, confidentiality, and accuracy of this process. Due to the success of this project we have used their services in the conversion of other records . . . I would highly recommend their services to any organization looking at ways to reduce the amount of on-site storage of files.

Bonnie S.

Convenient...I didn’t realize how often we refer to these files. They are much faster to access on a computer rather than get up and go to the file cabinet...or in some cases to locate a box.”

Frees up space...I see more [physical] space becoming available.

The security of the files is a good thing...it is not so easy [for unauthorized individuals] to get to files on a [computer] system that only certain people can access.

Joan P.

This is a good product, it is working very well for us. Superior Document Solutions LLC worked with us to make the project work within our budget, and we’ve been very happy with the service. I am glad to recommend your services.

Craig M.

Now that our documents are scanned and stored electronically, they are much easier to access.

On paper, our documents were stored numerically. Now that they are electronic, we have the flexibility to access them numerically and by name. This will save me a great deal of time!

I'm also pleased with the clarity of the scanned documents, and the fact that we freed up a great deal of space!

Mary P.

“Superior Document Solutions, has made every day easier for us. They are kind, supportive, and offer problem resolution and training well after the initial contract. Their services have made us better as a township by giving us faster, quicker, access to our documents and information. This has freed up space in our office, and allowed us to easily operate more efficiently. If you don’t take advantage of their service, you are purposefully wasting your time!”

Anthony E.